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I was born in Haifa in 1969 to my parents who emigrated from Argentina. I am the eldest of four brothers and sisters and grew up in Haifa under the influence of the Spanish language and the Argentinean cuisine. I acquired the Spanish language and now beyond the Hebrew language and English I also work with patients in Spanish.

I graduated successfully from "Bosmat" school in Haifa, but despite that, I changed the my professional direction to a path I dreamed about many years earlier. From the world of computers I shifted to the world of psychology. From an early age I took this direction and after a long trip abroad I returned to Israel and began my studies at "Ben – Gurion" university.

While learning my bachelor degree, as I was exposed to psychology and education areas, I was exposed for the first time to the education system from the other side of the barricade, the side of the teaching staff. For more than six years I worked in several positions in education from youth instructor, teacher, Central and educational counselor role. This experience through those years exposed me to a variety of different populations and methods of creative work.

Upon graduation from the Masters degree in Educational Counseling, I applied and was accepted for doctoral studies in Boston USA with a view to integrating clinical psychology and educational studies. In 2001, I traveled with my wife and Tali and while our stay in Boston, our first son, Itay, was born. The years of studying and working abroad brought with them plenty of experience working with children, adolescents, and their families. The exposure to American school system and its variety and the work with various age differences throughout the years of my stay in the U.S., have created a large toolbox that I use in my work today.

Over the years I was exposed to work with a variety of populations including children and youth at risk, the Bedouin sector, gifted children, English and Spanish speakers, and different cultures. I found that children and adolescents have a common language. They are curious, most of them still without a rich life experience and strive for independence and developing their own personality. Significant figures in their life are very important. Therefore, their levels of frustration are growing when they feel that those figures are missing or that they harm them in any way.

I was back in Israel in 2004 and opened my privet clinic at "Zichron-Yaakov", a town between "Haifa" and "Hadeara". After several years our second son, Omer, was born. The clinic provides counseling services to populations from "Nahariya" to "Hadera" with various difficulties of children and adolescents. In my work I believe in a system approach where no child is disconnected from his or her environment's influence. I see the importance of the interaction between the child and the environment. Therefore, I do everything I can to see these connections and see what the environment can change more, in order to satisfy the needs of the child. I believe that changing the environment, including different phrasing, different tone of speech, and setting clear and consistent boundaries will also reinforce the child and help him or her make changes that others expect and allow him strong and healthy personality development.

I am a licensed psychologist and a certified family therapist in Israel. I see in my work full integration between the systemic approach, educational overview and clinical psychology.

My work does not end at the clinic. I am teaching for the last seven years in the "Israel Academic College" at the school counseling masters program. I supervise and counsels to educational teams and school directors from the regular education and special education. It is important to me to visit a patient's education frameworks in order to become familiar with their environment. I currently also a part time lecturer at Northeastern University in the Boston campus, teaching at the Department of Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology. 

I intend to bring my experience and my toolbox to more populations through the services of this site. I've learned over the years that short and straightforward communication can be the basis for further work and perhaps to a more comprehensive process in the future. I'm excited and happy about my ability to communicate with a greater variety of people hoping to give the best service for you.

To read the Resume of Dr. Kosowski click here

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