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Professional advice by email, phone or online communications is not a substitute for face to face psychological treatment.
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Services given in English, Hebrew and Spanish: 
  • Psychological therapy of children, adolescents, and adults.
  • EMDR therapy (especially in cases of traumas and anxiety).
  • Short-term therapy.  
  • Treatment of behavior disorders in children / adolescents; anxiety among children / adolescents / adults; treatment for ADHD, family communication difficulties, and depression
  • Parental guidance and consultation.
  • Multidisciplinary psychological testing for school age children, including adjustment to the "Bagrut" exams (Dr. Kosowski is Licensed in Israel and his tests are accepted in the Israeli education system).
  • Consultation and training for education teams.
  • Consultation  and lectures for teachers, counselors, and principals of main stream and special education.
  • Aculturation and adjustment process of children, adolescents and thier families, while immigrating out of and back to Israel.
  • NEW - Home based Psychological therapy and Family therapy.
Note that while most of the sessions are with the identified patient, many meetings are held together with the parents and with other significant figures and school personnel. All this is done in order to study the environment and provide a more professional intervention to the patient. This is also done in order to enable the patient to progress in a pleasant, comfortable way in the process.

In addition, email is a tool used as part of the process.  Between sessions there is the possibility of email communication. This enables for follow-up communication and allows the patient to be guided by Dr. Kosowski or give feedback on the previous week for the next sessions. It is important to note that any type of email communication is not secure medium so patient identifying information should not be used; for example, it is appropriate to use first name only.

Multidisciplinary psychological testing (psycho-didactic). The report is approved and authorized by the Israeli Minister of Education and may be use for the Israeli Education schools (K-12) 

Psychological diagnosis and multidisciplinary integrative assessment gives a picture of four main areas of functioning:
  • Intelligence. WISC-IV test launched in August 2010, with Israeli norms. Gives a picture of cognitive functioning across four indexes, and helps to find strengths and weaknesses of the candidate across different levels of cognition.
  • Neuro-psychological tests such as auditory/visual perception, eye-hand coordination functions ADHD and more.
  • Didactic tests examining the basis of language, reading and writing, reading comprehension, mathematics and English.
  • Emotional tests examining emotional maturity and emotional functions.
The family receives documents that explain the diagnostic process, which leads to diagnosis. Forms are filled in by the school for a picture from the perspective of the education system that is familiar with the examinee.

Diagnosis is conducted in two sessions with up to a week between them. Each session may take two to three hours.

In the first part of the diagnosis, the parents and examinee will have a short intake including a review of their history and relevant records.

The examinee then separates from the parents and continues as described above with the psychologist.

After about three weeks, the parents are invited, with the examinee, to receive the report and the feedback.

The assessment itself is in a therapeutic process. Experience shows that the process serves as a professional intervention. Many times families report a significant positive change in the examinee's motivation and functioning immediately after the diagnosis is made.
The results are accepted by the Israeli education system
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