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Lectures are given in the Hebrew and English languages.

 Examples of lectures to parents, children and adolescents


  • How to manage a fixed schedule without getting into conflicts.

  • "Eye to eye" - an open and effective dialogue with the child and adolescent

  • Coping with the transition from kindergarten to first grade.

  • The emotional world of a child/adolescent with ADHD.
Examples of lectures for educators including guidance counselors and directors
  • Coping with populations with ADHD in the classroom environment.

  • Communicating with parents and families

  • School sexual abuse - prevention, coping and reporting

  • Coping with school mental difficulties (depression, anxiety, suicide, etc.)

  • Dealing with emergency situations including loss and bereavement

  • Student as an "expert" - how to make the potential of all students in the classroom

  • "Be there for them" - the transition and integration of kindergarten children in first grade

  • Detection, treatment and integration of students with learning difficulties in a conventional classrooms.

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