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The conditions of use set forth below (the Conditions or the Articles) constitute an agreement for use of this website. This website may be used as per and subject to the following conditions. A pre-condition for use of this website is acceptance of the conditions; by using this site, you grant and signify your consent to all the conditions.
Any use of the masculine gender also refers to the feminine gender. Any use of the singular also refers to the plural.

The information that appears in this website is intended solely as general information and/or guidance. It is not to be used as a substitute for personal consultation and should not be construed as serving such a purpose.
The website is for personal use only, and is not to be used by professionals treating their patients.
The information on or available through this website is general and serves as a preliminary and basic tool.
Use of some parts of this website and/or the services available through it is free, while others parts and services will incur the payment of discretionary amounts specified on the website from time to time. When using services that entail payment, the user will be directed to a secure payments system, as is the norm for purchasing services via the internet.

Before using this website, you must submit your personal details, including: first and last names, email address, and phone number. The website or the services available through it cannot be used if these details are not submitted. The user's details will not be used for any commercial and/or other purposes, other than to obtain services through the website and with the user's consent.
The user bears full, exclusive responsibility for use of the website or reliance on its content or the information obtained through it.
Users of the website state that they do not and will not have any claims, suits or demands against the website in respect of the information, services and products advertised on or supplied by the website, and their quality and suitability for the user. The user hereby waives any such claim and/or suit and/or demand against the website and/or person representing it.
The website and/or those operating through it and/or on its behalf are not responsible for any direct or indirect loss and/or damages arising from the use of the website and/or its content and/or the services it provides and under no circumstances shall they be liable for any loss and/or damages whatsoever.
This website and/or its content shall not be used without prior, written permission from the website.
The copyright and intellectual property of the website and the manner in which services are rendered by and through it belong to the website, and include, without derogating from the general information above, that the website is the sole proprietor of the names and trademarks that appear on the website, irrespective of whether or not they are registered, of the copyright, commercial secrets involved in operation of the site and of the provision of the services, design of the website, technological information entailed in its operation (the Information).
The website may change its appearance, its scope, the services that it renders and/or are rendered through it and/or the conditions of use at its discretion.

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