This site provides immidiate or short term professional advice in cases when professional counseling for a personal dilemma or problem is needed.
Dr. Idan Kosowski has been working with children, youth, and thier families for the last 15 years.
Dr. Kosowski is an Israeli psychologist and a family therapist who graduated from the Counseling Psychology Doctoral program at Northeastern University, Boston, MA in 2006.
Dr. Kosowski has been working in the United States and in Israel with children, adolescents, and thier families and has a successful private practice in Zichron Yaakov, Israel since 2004. 
Dr. Kosowski is a full time faculty at Israel Academic College and leads educational intervantion teams in schools and academic institutes. Dr. Kosowski also lectures at Northeastern University in the Counseling Psychology Dep.
This site is designed to allow counseling services for individuals who are not in treatment at the time of referral, but still feel that they need professional advice for issues such as those explained below.
The service responds within a short time and at a much lower cost than conventional face to face therapy.

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Important note !
Professional advice by email, phone or online communications is not a substitute for face to face psychological treatment.

The process is simple and clear :


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Here are some examples of issues appropriate for seeking services through this site :
  • Communication problems between parents and children / adolescents.
  • Divorce Preparation of children / adolescents.
  • Setting clear boundaries for children / teenagers.
  • Setting up a daily routine, including leaving on time from home, doing homework, and closing the day calmly.
  • Working with parents of children/adolescents with ADHD / ADD.
  • Finding educational settings for children with special needs.
  • Support and assistance in finding a therapist for child/adolescent/family.
  • Initial coping with loss or other crises.
  • Parental guidance throughout the developmental stages from                     infancy to adulthood.
Therapist services

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Short online intervention

* Calling or opening an account at Skype is at no cost.
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